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You and your ideas are not average. Your workspace shouldn’t be average either.

Let’s face it, not everyone is meant for cubical farms and starchy ties. The Root is a collaborative workspace where the doers, thinkers, and creatives can implement their ideas in the heart of downtown New Albany. Our goal is to provide a multitude of work environments where our passionate members can be most efficient. We believe that the work you do with the community inside these walls can have a major impact on the community beyond the walls.


COMFORTABLE SPACE As in, if you like the coffee shop atmosphere, we have comfy couches and squishy chairs. If you need something a little more structured, we have some work tables and booth space. We also have some raised tables if you want to switch it up and stand or hold a quick meeting to debrief.

QUIET AREAS If you need to collaborate with other coworkers or need a place to talk with clients, we have two conference rooms and a third for larger groups. We also have soundproof phone booths for those conference calls, or if your mom is bugging you about leaving your dishes in the sink again.

COMPLEMENTARY BENEFITS Take advantage of our break room where we offer endless coffee and snacks, or if you brought your lunch, you can stick it in the fridge and heat it up in our microwave. Other amenities include high-speed WiFi, TV’s with streaming capabilities, storage space, business mailboxes, print/fax/scan/copy technology, and a free parking garage across the street. Any of our Full-time members can work out of Yes! Coworking in Louisville one day of the month for FREE, or travelers can take advantage of our Indiana Coworking Passport.

CONNECTIVITY Are you the type of person that always says you want to get involved, but then you don’t know how, or the search just seems overwhelming? Here, we lay out everything that’s going on in the area, from nonprofit volunteer opportunities to trivia nights at the local watering holes. We also host workshops, feature guest speakers, and provide space for professionals who want to host their own business gatherings!

The pricing



$15/Day or $70/Week

If you’re just passing through town, or only need a place to set up shop for a day, then this is the option for you. You still get all the comforts of working at The Root.




All the same accommodations as full-time members, except a slight increase in conference room rental and a small charge for business mailboxes. If you plan on working here less than 25 hours a week, then this is the option for you.

Conference Room Rental: $15/Hour




Access our open facilities with a key card for entry at your convenience. Hang up your coat, then stroll to the break room to check your business mailing address for any deliveries as you pour yourself a cup of Joe and munch on some of the snacks provided on the house. Also included is access to our conference rooms and phone booths. If you plan on working here more than 25 hours a week, then this is the option for you.

Conference Room Rental: $10/Hour




Make this your new late night study option with 24 hour access and affordable printing. Did we mention we have coffee?



FIRST MEMBERSHIP: $120 (Part-time) or $165 (Full-time)

Bring up to five members of your team or small business to cowork on the open floor. Amenities and additional prices correspond to the membership you choose.



It’s basically like being a full-time member — but everything is included. Plus, you get a little more privacy. Price range is in accordance with square footage.



$150 Half Day (8:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00)
$290 Full Day (8:00-5:00)
OR HOURLY RENTAL (Less than four hours)
$40/Business Hour
$60/After Business Hours

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DETAILS: The Main Floor and The Courtyard are rented as two separate venues. An additional fee of $80/hour will be added for use of both. There is also a $100 fee for set up/tear down.

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