The Routine

the routine.jpg

Dealing with renovations, juggling membership applications, and developing partnerships to ensure a smoother countdown to the opening has kept me quite busy. My dad and I are trying to stay ahead, wanting to be as proactive as possible so we're not scrambling (although that's still bound to happen).

That's just a portion of what we're dealing with at The Root, and I'm not even including my freelance work, part-time job at the Carnegie Center, and other "side hustles." All the scrambling is mimicking what's going on in my head most days.

In order to ease some of the anxiety that accompanies a packed schedule, I decided to implement a routine. I wake up eeeaaarrrlllyyyy and go to the gym. When I return, refreshed and energized, I take a shower then make a healthy breakfast. After clean up, I hunker down to eat breakfast and sip coffee while I read the Bible. Then I journal

After getting ready I head to the Carnegie Center, then after I knock out some hours there, I dedicate some hours toward the most pressing freelance work. The evenings are when I spend time with my family.

Wow, what a difference.

Here's why:

  1. It gave clarity and purpose to my day. Most of the time, my mind feels scattered. It allows for time to schedule out what needs to get done. It clears my foggy brain.
  2. It kept me going when I felt like I wasn't going. Anyone who has freelanced knows that there are ebbs and flows with workload. When the offers stopped rolling in, and I was ebbing for a while, my routine was the only constant. I didn't know if I'd get work that day, but I knew I still had things to do! It motivated me on days when I wanted to give up.
  3. It forced me to slow down. With a jam-packed schedule, it's easy to fall into the rhythms of the world – always in a hurry and rushing from place to place, person to person. My mind races, constantly thinking about the day ahead and what's going to get checked off my to-do list. Instead of prioritizing my schedule, I schedule my priorities. Knowing that I've dedicated a block of time that can't be compromised gives me permission to think, live, and enjoy the present moment.
  4. It kept me focused, free from distraction, and made me prioritize what matters. Because of technology, we are exposed to countless events, organizations, and programs. We get overstimulated. There's too much to do. Everything is vying for our time. With a routine, I stay on task, crank out a few hours of productivity, and then compartmentalize my work life to make room for my personal life. Balance matters.

Bottom line, having a routine has too many benefits to advocate. Here's a good summary. Rather than feeling mentally scrambled, I can just stick to eating my eggs that way.